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How to Rearrange Your House So You’re Less Likely to Fall

Rearranging Furniture

The first step that you can take to ensure safety is to rearrange the furniture in your home. Make sure to choose seating that you can easily get on and off is a key factor when trying to create a safe environment. Chairs, couches, and sofas that are too low to the ground can be difficult for some people to get up, causing injuries or falls. Likewise, furniture that is too high off the ground can pose a hazard as well. 

Removing items such as coffee tables that are often placed in the center of the room can make it easier to move around. If you wish to keep furniture, such as end tables, potted plants, and other decor, be sure that it is out of the way. Keeping a clear walking path is key to safety.

Remove Throw Rugs From the Home

Removing throw rugs and area carpeting from home can do wonders to prevent falls. Since many falls occur when these types of rugs and carpets are tripped over, either tacking them down, securing them, or removing them altogether can eliminate a major part of the fall risk associated with them.

Install More Lighting

Low lighting is known to be the cause for many falls, especially among the elderly and those with impaired vision. Low lighting is a problem that can easily be fixed by adding additional lighting into the home: choose lighting that will not get in the way, and keep cords off of floors, as they can be a trip hazard. Chose bright LED wall and ceiling lights and place switches at an ideal height.

Install Accessibility Features

Install Accessibility Features

Installing accessibility features in your home can provide safety against falls. One prime example is in the bathroom: grab bars near the toilet and in the shower can help individuals balance themselves and have something that they can use to maneuver around the room. Installing railings on staircases is also a wonderful idea - these railings can make climbing and descending staircases safer for everyone in the home. Bed rails can be helpful, as well, especially if the individual in question is prone to fitful sleep or falling out of bed.

Keep the Home Clean

A major cause of falls in the home is clutter or items on the floor in the path of the person walking. This clutter can be furniture, rubbish, toys left by small children, or even a simple spill. It is important to keep the area clean from any obstacles, and the path clear. Another essential idea is to have cleaning supplies left in an easily accessible place: paper towels on the kitchen counter, for instance - they are at an easy-to-reach height and can clean up spills on the floor to prevent worry of falling.

Keeping a clean home free of obstacles, trip hazards, and carelessly placed furniture are all great ways to help ensure that loved ones stay safe from falling. Installing accessibility features, such as bathroom hardware near toilets and showers, can also help in eliminating fall risks. Finally, be sure that you check on your loved ones on a regular basis to make sure they are healthy, happy, and feeling loved.

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